Vincent Sagnier
Biographical information
Relative(s) Charles Cassel (stepfather)
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Political information
Nationality French
Affiliation Flag Allies Allied Forces
Flag France France (Maquis)
Occupation Journalist, Maquis fighter
WF Icon Sagnier

Vincent Sagnier is the French hero on the Allied side. He is a demolition expert and also able to defend his allies against explosions.


As an adopted son of Charles Cassel, the chief editor of a renowned Parisian newspaper, he spent most of his childhood as a brash and tough newsboy, who was famous for beating up the other kids working for the competing newspapers.

Although his stepfather rather enjoyed this devotion to his business, he knew where this bellicose nature was coming from and it always reminded him with a sad heart of Vincent's father, his best friend who lost his brave life in the First World War. Charles, always haunted by the death of his friend and the horrors of war, tried to bring up Vincent in a pacifist manner and did everything to hold him back from the military career the boy was dreaming of.

He employed him as a journalist when he became older, and when the war broke out, he pulled some strings and arranged for the young man to serve as a war correspondent instead of as an active combatant at the front. Vincent, who was eager to fight as his father did, was unable to go against the wishes of the man who loved him as a son, and accepted the job. When the Germans attacked Paris he had no thoughts of shooting pictures at all anymore, just shooting Nazis.

He finally stepped onto the path his father had treaded and became a fighter... something he felt he did too late, as the war was now lost for France. There was only one place where he could make up for his tardiness, the Maquis. He joined them and soon proved to be a versatile member of the group given his experience in working for the intelligence and talent for moving on the battlefront undetected he had acquired during his time as a war correspondent.


  • Piercing shot: Using armor piercing shells, the hero has a chance to cause lethal damage against the target.
  • Bomb (Active skill): Blows up target buildings.
  • Expertise (Passive skill): Decreases damage taken from explosions by 50%.
  • Blast (Radius): Increases friendly explosion damage by 20%.

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