"Your buildings are under attack!"
Nadia Amanova

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  • Stealth
  • Hijack
  • Magnify
  • Conceal
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Nadia Amanova is the first class special agent of the Soviet Red Army. She is quiet, lethal, effective and invisible.


Nadia Amanova is second on the Soviet’s cruelty list. She works in the ranks of the Red Army, where special tasks require a certain extent of anonymity. When Comrade Aleksei Mikhalkov's raw power is not enough for an assignment, Nadia's cruel intelligence will surely find a solution to accomplish it.

The few people who are aware of her real abilities and are still alive, remain silent rather than to risk her unwelcome visit in the night. Nadia is known by many names in the Red Army. Among those that stand out are the Black Widow or the Hellmaiden. Anyone who opposed her, or stood in the way of her career, regardless of that person's rank or background had either changed his opinion very quickly, or had no opinion about anything ever again.

This aggressive approach to careerism of course did not escape the attention of some members of the regime, who also gave voice to their fears about her. They shared the same fate as others in her way, which despite being a below the line way of operating even in the eyes of the political leaders, amused Stalin very much.


  • Stealth: She cannot be detected until she enters combat. The stealth drops automatically if any ground hostile units arrives within Nadia’s 5 meter radius.
  • Hijack (Active skill): Steals targeted hostile vehicle.
  • Magnify (Passive skill): Increases visibility range by 5 and with additional 5 / level.
  • Conceal (Radius): Affected units cannot be detected until they or the heroine enter combat. Drop it if ground hostile units enter her 20 meter radius. (Level 2 - 15 meters, Level 3 - 10 meters)

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