Turning Point


A Red Enigma

Liberation of London
Part of World War II



London, England

Flag Allies Allies Flag Germany WF Nazi Germany
Flag United States John Lynch
Flag United Kingdom British Resistance leader
Flag Nazi Germany Unknown Nazi commander(s)
Flag Allies Allied forces
Flag United Kingdom British Resistance
Flag Germany WF Nazi forces

WF FlagIco Allied Allied Forces

Liberation of London is the first Allied campaign mission in War Front: Turning Point.[1]


Primary objectivesEdit

  • Reach the Allied Base
  • Build a Tank Battalion
  • Liberate London

Secondary objectivesEdit

  • Repair the Sherman Battalion
  • Meet the British Resistance

Secret objectivesEdit

  • Destroy All German Buildings


When John Lynch finally makes it to London for the final push against the Germans, the Nazis are already on the run. There isn’t a lot of resistance facing you, so this mission is the perfect opportunity to test Lynch’s skills, explore combat tactics, and learn basic base-building techniques.

After the Resistance members join your team, four badly damaged Sherman tanks roll up (actually three Shermans and one Calliope Sherman). Use Lynch’s Quick Repair Skill to bring them back to full strength rather than fighting your way to the Repair Truck and bringing it back to them. Assemble your available troops and move across the bridge, veering to the north to block a German attack on yet another group of Resistance Soldiers. Add them to your army, and advance to the Drop Zone and leave at least one unit there to pick up the cash that’s periodically dropped from the sky. Now go back and get the Repair Truck. From there move directly west to defeat another group of Germans and pick up more Resistance Soldiers.

Although Wells has made it sound as though you are urgently needed at the Allied base, you can actually take out a few key enemy buildings now that will make the rest of the mission much easier. From the location of the Repair Truck, move north toward the Scrapyard to the east, and cautiously advance your Shermans and the Calliope southward to first street running east-west to lure out a fairly large contingent of German armored vehicles; this allows you to defeat them as they emerge one and two at a time. (Save your game before you attempt this, however, because if you’re not careful your relatively small force might not be able to handle all the German tanks at once and you could lose one of these important vehicles.) By now, you should be able to upgrade Lynch’s abilities: We suggest you choose “Engineering 1” to give your vehicles 3 additional hit points and 3 additional damage points.


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