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WF Icon Preiss

Life was not good to Preiss, even when he was a kid. He grew up in the Eichwald Institut, an orphanage infamous for its strict educational methods, where he learned a great deal of rigid discipline and endurance.

In the meantime, a dormant tendency for aggression began to awaken in him, which was yet to surface. When he was released from the orphanage years later to make his own path he had trouble finding his place in the world. History made the choice for everyone in his generation, and stacked the youth of Europe into the trenches of the bloody battlefields that became also the final resting place for most, but not for Preiss.

The war ended for him when he lost an eye during a bloody bayonet charge. Following his own ideals and knowing the true greatness of the old Germany, shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War he realized that the Nazis were driving the nation into a new war. Therefore he openly opposed the government. Preiss obviously underestimated the Nazis as they reacted to his outspoken criticism with harsh prosecution. He had to run for his life and go undercover, spent month hiding from the Gestapo, fleeing from city to city. To give old Germany a chance, he founded the German Resistance to fight against the Nazi terror by any means possible. Dietrich Preiss is a veteran hero of the German resistance. He is the master of the sabotage, trickery and reconnaissance operations.


  • Reduction: Decreases the radius firing range of nearby hostile units by 80%.
  • Reinforcements (Active skill): The Hero can call in some reinforcements next to him.
  • Marksmanship (Passive skill): Increases weapon damage by 2 and with additional 2 / level.
  • Weak Point (Radius): Decreases hostile units' armor by 10 in the hero's Radius, and with additional 5 / level.

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